1. Foundations of Koyuncu Group were established

    Foundations of Koyuncu Group were established with the different ideas and thoughts of Refik Koyuncu in various sectors.

  2. 1980s

    The start of Lassa Dealership, Petrol Station business, foundation of First Joint-Stock Company of Koyuncu Company Group, Konya MAN Dealership

  3. 1990s

    Starting logistic sector with domestic road transport, Konya Renault Dealership, Konya Honda Dealership

  4. Konya Fiat Dealership

  5. Salt Lake Koyuncu took place and started its operations

  6. TÜVTÜRK Vehicle Inspection Stations Business contracter was won

  7. Bursa Liquid Salt was established

  8. International Logistics and Warehouse Management was carried out in Istanbul (2011-2015)

  9. Investments were made on Solar Power Plants

  10. Savunma Sanayi sektörüne giriş yapıldı.

    Koyuncu Grup, Aselsan ile ortak yapılacak yatırım için Konya Savunma Sanayi A.Ş.’nin en büyük ortağı olarak savunma sanayine adım attı.


We All Warmed up Together, Thanks to Anadolu Ateşi

Koyuncu Group always supports the work of art and artists and reinforces its support at all times and thanks to the contribution of its personnel team along the way. The Anatolian Fire Show Group is a very well known group in Turkey and around the world for its folk dances with a modern interpretation to all the world. The Dance Group performed a fascinating show in Konya last week. Koyuncu Group..

We Provided Contribution to Traffic Security in Burdur

We are continuing our non-stop studies for Traffic security. Burdur TUVTÜRK Vehicle Test Station officers who are operated by KYC KYC Taşıt Muayene Yapım ve İşletim A.Ş., one of affiliated companies of Koyuncu Group performed an important event in name of security of motorbike drivers in traffic on 15th of November 2018. Motorbikes in Burdur Traffic are tested using mobile technolog..