"Egea Calls You On To The Race Grounds” Performed And Held in Konya!

The event ‘Egea Calls You to the race grounds" was organized by Fiat Motor Sports and held on the 21st of May at the Konya Drag circuit hosted by Koyuncu Automotive. Konya motor sport lovers had the opportunity to use Egea 8 designed as a racing vehicle with a 180 HP of power.

The event actually attracted a lot of interest and collected top attention.

The Medals were given out from The Koyuncu Automotive Group President Kerim Oflaz and General Manager of Koyuncu Automotive Cenan Saraçoğlu. The event was like a festival atmosphere, and drivers were given driving and safety trainings at the Fiat training truck. The drivers raced with each other to get the best time on the race ground.

Drivers spent a pleasant day with various activities and refreshments outside the race area. In addition, the interest of the media representatives was also very intense.