About us

Koyuncu Groups first footprints were first established by Refik Koyuncu in 1966;

  • Petrol
  • Automotive
  • Vehicle Inspection
  • Energy
  • The Group successfully maintains its existing with its more than 700 employees and operating revenue of over 500 million TRY in Salt Production field.

Our Fiat dealership in our automotive sector continues its successes as 8th in Turkey in terms of sales, 2nd in Turkey in terms of retail Egea sales and 1st in brands in Konya according to 2017 Turkey sales data.

As Turkey`s largest salt producer with its modern production facilities located in our Salt Lake, Koyuncu Group Exports almost 50% of salt in Turkey all alone.

Being the largest business partner of TÜVTÜRK with its 21 vehicle inspection station, Koyuncu Group prepares itself for new investments in all the fields it operates while drawing attention with the investments in the renewable energy field in recent times.