Koyuncu Automotive Maintains its Leadership

Koyuncu Automotive, which has been successfully carrying out its dealership with( Fiat) Konya Fiat since 2002 under the Koyuncu Group name , has achieved new national successes by maintaining its regional leadership this year.

Last week, Koyuncu Automotive won 3 awards in "Fiat's Most Successful Dealers of the Year" The Award Ceremony was held with a magnificent atmosphere  and maintains being the company with the biggest vehicles sales of Karaman and Konya provinces. Despite all the economic fluctuations, Koyuncu Automative achieved its 2018 targets in sales, service and customer satisfaction. General Manager of Koyuncu Automotive Cenan Saraçoğlu mentioned that they are also deemed worthy of the Fiat Roadmate Connect Sales First prize among all Fiat dealers as well as the awards for regional leadership.

Cenan Saraçoğlu mentioned that System Road Mate Connect product of the Fiat brand, which performs the firsts in many fields, is very much appreciated in Konya and added "We install a device in your vehicle for the Road Mate Connect System which can be applied to many models of Fiat. Through our application that you download to your mobile phone, a special communication and control system is activated between you and your vehicle. For example, you can open and close the doors of your vehicle from where you want. With remote access, you can see your vehicle's battery status, how many kilometers it is, how much fuel it has left, its tire condition, its position. You will be notified when your vehicle is towed or stolen. One of the many features of the system is that you can set speed and distance limits as desired. Let's say you have entrusted your vehicle to someone. If the person using your vehicle exceeds the speed limit or the distance you have set, you will receive an alert immediately. We are looking forward to welcome everybody for introducing our product which includes many features.

Jeep and Alfa Romeo Sales Showroom Came into Service

Cenan Saraçoğlu stated that the sales showroom of Jeep and Alfa Romeo brands was put into service within Koyuncu Automotive and added "As it is known, Jeep and Alfa Romeo brands are under Fiat Group. Until this time, we did not provide sales services, but we provided services for these brands. Both brands are private brands that have proven themselves worldwide. Our customers and car enthusiasts wanted us to started the sales services of these two brands for a long time. We designed a very stylish showroom with an investment of approximately 7 million TL and brought our latest model vehicles. Although we started to operate less than a month ago, the interest makes us very happy. We would like to thank all the people of Konya.”